We are an Old Fashioned, Fundamental,
Free Will Baptist Church that worships God in the Old Fashioned Way...
We welcome you to join us in our worship services and take part in the great things that God is doing here at Bethany.

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     Senior Pastor:


 Rev. Dwight E. Skeans

Who Are We?

Bethany...The place that Jesus loved...

We at Bethany are dedicated:
  • to spreading the word of Jesus Christ to others
  • to witness and lead lost and dying souls to Christ
  • to be a good neighbor to those in need
  • to encourage the sick and afflicted

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    CallingPost allows your administrator to make "one phone call" that goes out to all of the members in your database so that everyone receives the same message at the same time.  This is great for Announcements, Prayer Requests, Reminders, etc.  If you are a member of Bethany FWB and would like to receive messages from CallingPost but are not currently on the list, please email your name and telephone number to Stephanie at sw4hig@yahoo.com and she will make sure you get added to the database so you will be included in the next call. 

    If you or your organization are interested in becoming a user of the CallingPost system, click the link above to go to their website and then click on "New User Registration".  Click the CallingPost logo in the center of the screen of the product selection page and then fill in the required information.  Please be sure to use #8637124495 as the Referral Code. ~ Thank you!

    Latest News


    Barry Rowland and Deliverance will be joining us for our morning worship service on Sunday, October 25th at 11:00am

     We are looking for a wonderful blessing from God.....make plans now to join us!